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  • 增加可配置性 - 具有更多配置选项,具有定制到您的特定研究要求
  • 更短的构建时间表 - 使您能够更快地获得学习并运行
  • 易于使用的系统 - 减少现场工作人员的负担
  • 自助式选项 - 使您能够控制和管理包括随机化,药物管理和设备分发的过程
  • 可打印的患者审核日志 - 站点和监视器可以打印患者交易历史,可直接从系统中更改数据
  • Clinical supply management tools - updating pack status, expiry information, batch release, manual shipments and many more - tools that allow faster decision making and execution
  • Flexible system generated notifications for real time trial information
  • Dynamic visit data collection - intuitive data collection allowing for reduced system development time and data entry errors

Accessible via the web and web-enabled mobile devices, it is a configurable framework containing a library of reusable system modules, which are always ready for your trial’s needs. While these components can be implemented without any additional programming, the platform also has the flexibility to allow for modules to be fully customised as per a given study’s requirements.


  • 随机模块的MID研究修改
  • 启用自适应设计
  • 全面库存管理公用事业可供赞助/临床供应经理
  • Allows a study to start with a minimum of packaged drug
  • Global technicalhelp deskavailable 24/7
  • Interface for statisticians to configure and review the randomisation for all types of trials including adaptive studies

Features include:

  • 模块和报告的可配置框架还允许每个学习需求进行自定义
  • 额外的身份验证级别以访问盲目信息(例如,在研究数据库中的随机化和药物套件数字)
  • Permission and role based with customisable warning messages, alerts, and reminders
  • Self-service utilities including, but not limited to; inventory tracking, batch management, and kit assessment
  • 高效和自动化的供应管理,包括但不限于;库存跟踪,批量管理和套件评估
  • 报告仪表板为客户,调查员和临床供应团队提供他们的学习实时观点
  • Web报告 - 具有临时报告能力的标准和可自定义的报告
  • Seamless integration capabilities with leading EDC, CTMS, laboratory, drug distribution and other vendors
  • 支持自适应试验,自适应随机化模式和其他复杂的药物供应算法
  • 典范通过集成功能FIRECREST

Reporting Dashboard

这灵活优势reporting dashboard is a user-friendly system which helps clinicians and supplies professionals to maximise the value of their clinical data. Through the use of standard and custom reports, clients can view alerts, trial metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other trial related information at a glance.

这interface enables clients to easily interact with their data, and to view, drill down, sort, filter, analyse, and share information with team members. Users can quickly create graphs, charts, and tables. The system’s ad-hoc reporting capabilities allow clients to create custom reports in minutes.


Sometimes errors in clinical supply management can have critical and costly consequences for a clinical trial. In trials with drug shortages or high manufacturing costs, ICON’s FLEX ADVANTAGE IWR platform helps to lower trial costs through its drug inventory management capabilities.


Inventory Management for Adaptive Trials

Flex Advantage将库存控制用于下一个级别。在具有动态随机化的自适应试验中,需要随时可访问库存控制。系统必须准确而造网站上的套件,可用于部署。

Flex Advantage通过专门为产品供应团队创建了构成交互式物流,供应链和库存控制管理系统的产品来设计了所有这些。它允许DEPOT到Depot Exchange,供应包装,运输到网站以及具有临床供应和现场的检疫/稳定性接口。

Help Desk Support

ICON Help Desksupporting FLEX ADVANTAGE assists more than 4,000 users each month. This Helpdesk is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Users access the Helpdesk toll free using an AT&T Access code or designated toll free number. In addition, the Helpdesk can be contacted via email.

Each Help Desk Agent receives individualised training to ensure an understanding of the technical aspects of your protocol. Calls are monitored to ensure we are providing the highest quality service. A custom call ticketing system allows for retrieval and tracking of call information.